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What are some basic rules?
Last Updated 6 years ago

We provide stress free hosting with very little serious rules. In most cases, for small violations that other hosting companies would normally shut you down for, our systems implement automatic countermeasures that won't affect the stability of your site.

Please remember that ExaltHost is a shared hosting provider. That means that your site is almost like a student in a college dorm. You are sharing resources with fellow roommates (in this case, other web masters). There are some restrictions in place that you should keep in mind to help make sure we remain fast and stable.

1) Video streaming is not recommended
Our servers will automatically throttle large downloads down to prevent network congestion. Large file hosting is not recommended on the server, and as a result video streaming will be poor. If you must stream video, we recommend dropping the resolution to a web format or compressing the video using h.264/h.265
2) Keep your scripts agile, and avoid bloat
We don't want your Perl or PHP scripts running for hours (we actually limit script execution time. We won't tell you the time, since it's pretty high and you should never hit it). Our administrators are notified immediately if your script executes for too long. We'll let you know before we do anything.
3) Save heavy tasks for off-peak
The server generally runs time-consuming and load sucking tasks during off-peak. We are an Eastern provider, so off-peak is generally 2AM-7AM. We ease up on script restrictions during this time. If you have any heavy lifting (like archiving) that needs to be done, this is the time to do it. Backups on the server generally take place sometime here.
4) Use SFTP/FTPS/HTTPS WebDav/cPanel File Manager whenever possible
Starting sometime this summer, we will be enforcing the use of FTPS or SFTP. While this really isn't a server concern, it is a concern for the safety of your account. If your account becomes compromised, it could be that the user was trying to target another site on this server. Generally, if you login through FTP- you caused the compromise.

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